I will deadhead your story like nobody’s business

I will deadhead your story like nobody’s business

It is finally, properly summer and so I hope you are enjoying the joys of a garden—if not your own then someone else’s nearby. With the recent Roger’s fiasco, the need to be off-grid and within 100 yards of my abode seems more urgent. Luckily, I am attempting to grow a few tomato plants in containers but if I’m honest, it’s not going great. I look longingly at neighbours with cascading, blooming, bountiful plants offering raspberries, plump strawberries, and tomatoes of all shapes and sizes and realize, I need to up my gardening game.  

But what if you’re like me and don’t really know what kind of soil to buy? I always end up panicking at the Rona garden centre. My eyes dart from this hybrid hooey soil with special bug poo in it to soil meant only for baby plants or to the stinky manure bags, before finally giving up and running like a frightened person from the garden area back into where I feel safer—the paint section.

If you’re trying to grow a business, and you’re feeling like that when it comes to your brand story, I am here to say I completely understand. Writing is filled with endless choices, and crafting a great brand story isn’t easy.

And while I may not know how to deadhead flowers properly, I can take one look at your story garden (thanks for continuing to go along with the analogy) and snap it into shape like nobody’s business! I may not know what soil to buy but I do know how to help your story be what you always envisioned it to be.

Give yourself a do-over

So this summer, I’m offering About page do-overs. If you are feeling a little meh about your story, let me create some story abundance for you so beautiful that you will want to do cartwheels across your manicured sentences and invite everyone you know to visit your bountiful, glorious new About page.

The reality is, we all deserve do-overs. I mean, we went through a pandemic for Pete’s sake—we should all have some space to improve with zero pressure. To help, I’m giving some discount love to first-timers who come through my door before the end of July. Let’s get your brand story in shape! I’ll be there with overalls and some brand shears, and we’ll get right to it when you hire me for a re-do!

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