Story first-aid

A little dose of help just when you need it

We could all use a little extra help, especially when we come up against writer’s block so big it obliterates the sun.
Story First Aid will offer immediate relief if you are short on time but have intense content demands pulling your focus and distracting you from your priorities. Whether it’s a fresh sales page, an About page re-do, or a bio, I can provide on-the-spot expert support.
Because whatever your story emergency is, my first-aid will offer an integrated solution that rightsizes your content, calms overwhelm, and helps your brand story feel better.
Story-First Aid session will help you:

  • focus on one particular issue you may be struggling with (an about page, your homepage copy, figuring out your core story, a campaign idea)
  •  get meaningful, individualized support during two dedicated, focused sessions
  • hands-on help as  I drop into your process and get straight to work, repairing, writing, editing, strategizing, and encouraging you in your content process.

Story First Aid is a targeted dose of story medicine created just for your business.

With every Story First Aid session, you’ll also receive targeted resources to support you in your ongoing story work. These include custom templates, worksheets, and guides strategically designed specifically for your unique story emergency.
Oh, and as your story doctor, I work on your story problems in between our sessions so while you rest on the couch catching up on Netflix, walk your dog, or see clients, I’m solving your story problems.

How does it work?

Before your Story-First Aid, you’ll need to fill out an intake form outlining your current issues (kind of like the ones you get at the doc but way shorter!).
By providing some up-front insights, I can focus the session on your priorities and ensure you get the right care to treat your story challenge.

What can I work on in a Story-First Aid session?

Anything to do with content and storytelling! Suggested topics best covered in a half-hour include things such as: copywriting or editing, headlines, titles, or taglines; help with an About Us web page copy; campaign ideas, feature story pitches, content strategy questions, editorial calendars, website user experience, visitor experience stories, social media storytelling.

Learn how working with Story Doctor made a difference for this client: 

“Working with Mags has opened my eyes to the power of stories in my business. Her creative expertise and knowledge has taught me not only that there are stories waiting to be told around every corner, but how to spot them, and how to craft the stories we tell to build relationships, engagement and trust with clients. Thanks to the work we’ve done with Mags, storytelling is now an integral part of our business and I can’t recommend her enough if you need help with your story.”

— Miriam Andrews, Ladysmith Manor

Let’s tell stories that matter.

I’m here for all of your story challenges. Find support and book your Story-First Aid session today.

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