Wine, rude buttons, and your digital visitor

Wine, rude buttons, and your digital visitor

With summer finally arriving after a horribly damp spring, I started to think about wine tastings (of course) and came across a winery that, like most businesses, wanted me to subscribe to its newsletter. But instead of feeling like signing up, I was put off by the language in their calls to action.

Often, we don’t think these micro-moments matter, or we don’t give our button copy and CTA’s much thought, but the truth of the matter is that this is THE moment when you may have an opportunity to turn a prospective digital visitor into a paying customer.

Buttons and CTA’s are your front-line customer service reps that need to work HARD for your business. They have a big job. They must be interesting enough to capture someone’s attention but not bossy; they have to be clever but not coy; they have to drive business but not lose the sale with push tactics. And they need to represent and speak in your brand voice.

So, what is the secret ingredient?


That’s it. That’s the whole story. See below for my before and after.

What is in it for your visitor?

Your digital visitors are inundated with information. And at the moment they are (like I was), just checking you out and seeing what you have to offer, they’re probably not thinking to themselves, you know what, I need another wine newsletter in my life! But maybe they’re on a budget and wouldn’t mind catching a break on tastings or tours; maybe they are thinking of a vacation in the area and would love an itinerary suggestion; maybe they are considering getting married and looking for venue discounts. In other words, offer value, be humble, and I beg you, never, ever write you know you want to as your call to action. Just ew.

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