Listen for your story this summer

Listen for your story this summer

It’s noisy out there.

Especially if you’re releasing something new into the world. Instagram ‘experts’ are shouting at you to hop on over to their masterclass, and everything will be solved for you, reels of dancing influencers are asking you to slide into their DM’s to the magical workbook that will solve your brand story woes, and AI is tapping its fingers saying, let me take over babe. Maybe all of these will be what you need. I don’t know.

But for the majority of my clients, finding a space without noise, without family, friends, or well-meaning content gurus is key to knowing what their brand voice sounds like. Finding their brand story means listening for what rings true, and has roots in real-life and not in reel templates. Over the years, I’ve observed that brand stories have meaning because there’s a driving desire to solve a problem or be of service. Because a brand story that isn’t connected to your emotions, to a deeper purpose, simply isn’t going to resonate with people.

You cannot suddenly find your innate core story in a class, a course, a webinar, or even with a story doctor. It’s already in you, and only you can bring it to light. Can I help you in that search process? Yes. But first, you must get still and permit yourself to listen to what wants to be told.

I was thinking of taking my own brand for a retreat to revamp my core story this summer and happened upon this charming place. Might be my go-to this summer. Stay tuned!